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Bed Mattresses Seattle


We service the nation with fully customized bed mattresses of all types, sizes and shapes in a variety of material compositions and firmness levels.

Whether you are searching for an antique bed mattress to fit a family heirloom, or one of the best bed mattresses in Seattle for your home king-size bed, our specialists have years of experience and the expertise to create a perfectly designed custom bed mattress for you!

In addition to creating the most common types of bed mattresses, we are experienced in producing the finest quality engineered custom bed mattresses that reach outside the range of mass-produced manufacturing companies:

  • Antique bed mattress including the ¾ size
  • Unusual or non-standard dimensions
  • Non-standard shapes
  • European sizes
  • Murphy beds
  • Folding beds
  • Trundle beds
  • Poster styles requiring cutout corners
  • Divan beds and futons
  • Loft bunks
  • Cabin beds for children

Call Custom Comfort Mattress, LLC to help design your perfect mattress at affordable factory-direct prices.

Antique Bed Mattress Seattle


Those who are privileged to own a custom-built family heirloom requiring an antique bed mattress in Seattle are familiar with the fact that in most cases they require a custom size!

If you are searching for an antique bed mattress replacement or upgrade, we can create a custom mattress online to fit perfectly within your heirloom bed and budget!

You can experience the same luxurious comfort, support and deep restful sleep with our custom size mattress for an antique bed as in your traditional bed using materials such as:

  • Latex rubber
  • Memory foam
  • Pocketed coil
  • Innerspring
  • Polyurethane foam
  • A hybrid construction

Call today. We are your best source for special non-standard mattress sizes and shapes!

Custom Mattress Online Seattle


With the advancement in technology combined with our product innovation and manufacturing expertise, you can enjoy the convenience of purchasing a custom mattress online for Seattle delivery with a guaranteed 5 or 10-year warranty.

With decades of experience, we have been on the cutting edge of developing a simplified buying procedure for custom mattresses online to fulfill the specific needs of individual customers.

With specialists capable of creating designs that incorporate luxurious comfort in all sizes, shapes, and grades of firmness, these are a few benefits of purchasing a custom mattress online from us:

  • Factory direct prices with no third-party involvement
  • Perfect option for convenience
  • No sales pressure
  • 5 to 10-year warranty
  • Each mattress is individually tailored to the customer
  • All expectations are met without compromise

Call Custom Comfort Mattress, LLC for professional assistance in providing the perfect custom mattress online! (253) 984-1730